The Art of Marketing

We Connect

Behavioral economics confirms our thesis that there is an “art” to the “science” of marketing. We are down with that!

We start with the abstract, an idea, apply the right tools to build a solution aspires persuades,  and moves your vision through the marketplace.

Let’s sit down with you and talk over your marketing/communications goals. We can help you curate your choices that can lead to more effective consumer engagement.

We can help you develop a plan… or simply start with a startup project that helps you begin to execute your specific objectives.


We K’noozle

Getting your vision out there means listening to your group hopes and aspirations. We then head back to the lab to gestate your input, to “k’noozle” (valued colleague’s interpretation of our process) a solution that reflects your vision, not ours.

Whether it’s about needing an identity, refreshing your brand, crafting a website, or developing a newsletter, we are happy to build your brand. One block at a time.

We live on developing ideas that work for your needs and budget.

We Create

We keep you appraised every step of the way. We let you know how we are getting the solutions that we both agree upon.

We work to build relationships… from often one project at a time… to a host of marketing tools, communication options and services.

We’re geeked to find creative solutions to help get you where you want to be. This a crack group of creatives, educators, social scientists, and visual artists who also thrive on the art of competition.

It all begins with a conversation…




David Beattie


Creative Director
Chief K’noozler

Martha Julia

Copy & Video Editor
Social Media

Austin Jonathan

Ph.D/Comm Specialist

Devin Beattie

Art Director