I.D. / Branding

Corporate/Organizational I.D. …the face of your enterprise. The foundation and cornerstone of your brand that your audience knows you by. Do you settle for derivative? Carve out your own niche. Make your mark. Build your unique brand (we can help).

The following represents a sampling of our portfolio which covers the a range of organizations from retail, b2b to b2c, fortune 500s, as well as a host of educational, municipal, county, charitable non-profits, and NGOs.

Rotary International Educational Program

Holland Historical Lighthouse Commission

Water Desalination corp

Pharmaceutical Research & Publishing Corp

New Product Development Corp

Curating the artistic output of those who serve

Glenda’s Lakewood Flowers

Western seminary Journey Groups

Residential, Industrial, Adaptive Re-use architecture

Faith-based community assistance programs

Golf Experience Marketing

Compact Disc Retail Sales & Exchange

Camera & Business Equip. Ad & P.R. Management
(Corp I.D. & Branding committee)

Retail & Dining Ambient Audio Modulation

Reformed Church in America Congregation

Clubhouse Dining @ Signature Arnold Palmer Golf

Interior Design & Furnishings

Clubhouse Dining @ Signature Arnold Palmer Golf Course

Regional College Research Center

International Service Org. Special Event

Home Design & Construction

Material Recycling and Scrap Reclamation

City Council Candidate

Jonathan’s Balloons @ the Light Closet, NJ

Artisan Furniture & Crafts

Health Department Healthy Choices initiative

SolarUP! Network community solar Advocacy Group

b.comm creative out of the box!