And we get paid for doin' this! (Well, not for this particular site.) And each of us has a passion for the art of communication in packaging your story, translating your narrative, your particular "culture." We are b.comm because there are a few "bs" in this crowd. Some do hands-on. Some consult. All of us use the tools, (some of us clean up). All of us drink the dark roast (especially when the Kool Aid is gone...) The bus is driven mostly by its founder and chief go-fer. The doofy-looking guy on the left who can pose when asked and quite often jumps when asked. David Beattie. (We call him DCB, or "Uncle Buck" depending on your perspective. You can find his profile and background on LinkedIn. We may be your cup of tea; the fair exchange java is always a brewin'. un.comm creative... who we b.

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We do... Strategic Marketing, Media and Communications for a number of national & regional brands. We have established a niche in providing larger organizations cost-effective marketing communications results, and smaller companies, start-ups, and non-profits with full-range marketing and creative expertise. Folks like these: AT&T The Arts & The Military The City of New York Source Global, Inc. The Deborah Remington Charitable Trust The Genesis Group McMahon Studio Gallery Andrew Baer Architecture Holland Ready Roofing Dun & Bradstreet The Friends of Robert Frost Holland Hospital Hope College H-Power Energy Glenda's Flowers The Bank of New York Resthaven Care Community University Medical & Dental of NJ Robert Wood Johnson Medical School The Presbytery of Chicago KLW Recycling Vermont State Legislature Viacom Particular strengths: — integrated marketing 
— conceptual ideation and project design 
— web development 
— branding and identity development 
— implementation — from the get-go — of strategic communications from "classic" to new media . Expertise in B2C, B2B as well as non-profit, and governmental sectors.

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