Telling the Story. One Ad. One Commercial. One Brochure ... Integration enhanced And you thought these media were passé... People, companies, organizations still need to tell their story targeted to the right people at the right time. Advertising & Promotion: the basics are still a key part of the dialogue. This is where the pieces become fully integrated in IMC. Sometimes nothing works better than something tangible: a well-designed brochure, a finely tuned print ad, a well-placed radio spot, or a spot commercial buy. As one collegue once whispered to me during a pitch meeting at which the client team got sidetracked and a bit intra-confrontational — as we sat silently awaiting to present —"Isn't this supposed to be the fun part!" Are you offering aspiration, experience, satisfaction, comfort, hope, and in some cases, joy? (Okay, we know a root canal is not supposed to be "fun" but the end result is probably a good thing...) un.comm creative... adv—promotion

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